Lifeline of Savanur

By Abhijit Sinigh Bhambra
Savanur Taluk

The government has failed to provide basic medical facilities to the people
in Savanur, a taluk in the northern part of Karnataka. As a consequence,
there is a rise in fake doctors in the village.

Hope for the helpless

By Amba Srinivasan
Hadagali Taluk

The people in Hadagali Taluk suffer because of the lack of medical amenities there. One of the most backward taluks in the state, the government has not been able to do anything about the condition. The government hospital caters
to 36 villages and lacks facilities and staff. Due to this, there have been cases of medical negligence, costing people their lives at times.

Health care unhealthy
in Channagiri Taluk

By Arkodeepto Mukherjee
Channagiri Taluk

Channagiri taluk in Davangere District of Karnataka is facing a shortage of doctors. The taluk has only one general hospital. Everyday there are hundreds of people waiting to visit one of the five doctors. The place is extremely unhealthy. The hospital needs at least 15-20 doctors to handle the crowd. 17 doctors have been sanctioned for the general hospital by the state government, but only five work there.


Health care in a dismal state
in Holalkere Taluk

By Chitra Lakshman
Holalkere Taluk

Implementation of health services and schemes in Holalkere Taluk is a failure. In Holalkere, the funds provided by the government for the development of healthcare centers are not reaching most of the villages.

A thirst for pure water

By Christine Machado
Jagalur Taluk

Excess fluoride in groundwater is a major problem in Jagalur Taluk especially for children, and is causing health problems like dental fluorosi and stunted growth. Villagers here have very little knowledge of the repercussions of excess fluoride
in water, and as a result, they do not get check-ups done regularly. The panchayat is taking steps to combat this problem, but this is happening at a very slow rate.

Silent killer:
HIV/AIDS on the rise in Hangal

By Deepa Balsubramanian
Hangal Taluk

The number of HIV-infected people is increasing in Hangal Taluk of Haveri District. 7 out of ten villagers suffer from HIV. The growing number of migrants
in the taluk could be one reason behind this. 184 people died from HIV AIDS in Hangal in 2011.

Typhoid outbreak in Central Karnataka

By Deepashri Varadharajan
Harapanahalli Taluk

The number of typhoid cases recorded in a government hospital in Harapanahalli Taluk in rural central Karnataka almost tripled to 757 in 2011 from the 2009 figure of 260. The Harapanahalli town government hospital is one of 16 such health centers spread across the taluk located in Davangere District.
As of mid-February, over 360 patients had been treated for typhoid
in the hospital and Harapanahalli specialty clinic, a private practice in the area.


Living positively: A success story

By Desiree Alemao
Hoovina Hadagali Taluk

A study of Hoovina Hadagali Taluk's efficient methods
that steadily helped reduced the number of poeple tested HIV
positive from 133 in 2006 to 46 in 2011

Of doctors and dead men

By Gwyn D'Mello 
Jagalur Taluk

This film is a look at the health system in rural Karnataka using Jagalur Taluk in Davanagere District as a case study. It examines the shortcomings of the health system and the rampant corruption prevalent in it as well.


Low-quality food grain
causing anemia in Harapanahalli

By Lalita Singh
Harapanahalli Taluk

Due to the low quality food grains given to BPL families,
women of the taluk are suffering from anemia.

The importance of life

By Radhika Mehrotra
Kudligi Taluk

It is a thesis on how low availability of veterinary doctors and medical facilities
is causing the death of livestock in Kudligi Taluk. There are only 45 veterinary colleges and a shortage of over 50,000 veterinary doctors all over India. The veterinarians prefer not to go to rural areas. They are interested in setting up their dairy farms or private clinics in cities. As a result, livestock owners either have
to sell their animals or the animals die due to lack of proper medication.

Rural health: A nightmare
in North Karnataka

By Rubeena Ismail
Hoovina Hadagali Taluk

With the rural population having limited access to health care, the questionable figures provided by the government and the poor placements of doctors in rural districts, the maternal and child mortality rates in our country are no joke. All these play a role in the diminishing rural health care of northern Karnataka. Every day, at least six to seven deliveries take place without the supervision of any doctors at the Hoovina Hadagali general hospital. These sub centers cater to around two to three villages at a time. In Itigi, a village in Hadagali, there is no record of the number of mother or infant deaths. Shortage of doctors and improper availability of medicines are the root cause of this problem which the government needs to address.