Courtesy: Sandur-Bellary Map

Sandur taluk is situated in Bellary District in Karnataka. The distance of Sandur from Bellary is 40.8 km and 260 km far from Bangalore.

This princely state has so many places to explore.

Bommagatta is 48 kms away from Sandur,  famous for an old temple of Hulikuntaraya or popularly known as Anjeneyaswamy. Daroji village has its own history. There is a tank called Daroji tank which was constructed by Tipu Sultan and is known as one of the biggest tanks in the district. Next is Donimalai Hill range which is a store house on iron ore.

Ramanadurga Hill Station is situated 16 kms away from Sandur and 3256 feet high from the sea level. If you will visit this place you can see excellent view of two beautiful places; one is the Sandur valleys and another is the western taluks.

Shivavilas Palace which was once a heritage and historical building in Sandur now has been converted into a luxurious hotel.

Shivavilas Palace

Kumaraswamy Temple is a historical temple which is 12 kms away from Sandur. This temple is one of the oldest temples in Karnataka. It was built by the Chalukyas.  It was strictly banned for the women to enter and worship but later on in October 1996 this ban was lifted.

Kumaraswamy Temple

Naari Halla Jalashaya is popularly known as Manasa Sarovara. This lake has also earned its fame after the Kannada movie "Manasa Sarovara" shot here. This is very less explored area but it’s a best place for photography.  This Dam was built in the year 1979.  

Naarihalla Jalashaya

When I visited Sandur for the first time in the month of November 2011, every single person of the taluk were praising their place by saying: “Do you know what Mahatma Gandhi said when he visited Sandur in 1930? He was so pleased by the charm of these beautiful hills that he quoted “See Sandur in September”. The people of Sandur enjoyed the rain of September after a long time this year. Before when mining was not banned the scenario was not as beautiful as it was in this year.Previously it used to be shroud into red ore dust. The beautiful Narihalla Lake was also tuned into red water. Until and unless the mining Lorries would not stop running on the road, the beautiful taluk can’t retail its glory and beauty back.Being a mining area it is not possible to stop mining completely. Even it is banned by the Supreme Court; it is not yet stopped completely. One third of the population’s earnings are still dependent in mining. After the mining stopped, the ratio of unemployment rate is high in this taluk.

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