Housing & Meals

The IIJNM program requires intense study for one year, and all students must preferably stay in the dormitory next to the college, unless an exemption is granted.  Stay at the college dormitory is all the more important for safety reasons, especially in view of Covid-19 situation. The walking distance between college and hostel is barely 100 yards.

IIJNM campus is just 45 minutes from main Bangalore city. Healthy climate and adequate clean water availability make the area very attractive for living comfortably. It offers a scenic environment free of heavy traffic, pollution and noise.

The campus is in a secure area, well protected with sufficient security guards. A convenient and modern residential facility is provided separately for both male and female students, with supervision by a hostel warden. The cafeteria adjacent to the dormitory offers regular quality meals — breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Given its distance from the city of Bangalore, IIJNM campus is relatively safe from the possibility of any corona virus infection. Further, the hostel being located adjacent to the college within walking distance, students do not have to avail public transport.

A major hospital is within 15 minutes from the institute. Frequent public transport is available to several points in the city.

Students who wish to stay elsewhere instead of the college dormitory must make their own arrangements for commute. However, until such time the corona virus situation is brought under satisfactory control and the health authorities announce that it is safe to freely move about in the city, ALL students are required to stay in the campus dormitory.