Overview of Curriculum

The program leading to a Postgraduate Diploma in Journalism (PGDJ) builds on the student’s background in liberal arts, the sciences, law or other disciplines. During a full academic year, students work in a practical media atmosphere through their assignments in reporting, writing, editing and using presentation tools. Teacher-editors who have also been or still are working journalists critique individual assignments and closely supervise the students’ production of the in-house newspaper, magazine, web publication, television, and multimedia programs. As a nonprofit institution, our focus is on offering excellent training in journalism to our students. Compare IIJNM curriculum/course offerings to those of any other institution, and you will discover the real difference in the superior quality of our program.

The media industry is undergoing changes, and it expects all journalists to be proficient with the skills involved in all mediums of news production. IIJNM’s Programme incorporates and trains all students on the skills required to work in multiple mediums.  At the same time students have the option of choosing concentrations in Broadcast journalism (Television or TV Documentary), Print journalism (Newspaper or Magazine), and Multimedia (Online) journalism. Regardless of the chosen stream, every student will become familiar with all mediums.