The IIJNM News Factory:

Week after week, the trainee journalists at IIJNM are at the news factory churning out that perfect news story by writing, editing and designing the student publications they bring out.

IIJNM News Net

The IIJNM News Net is a multimedia website that curates the best news stories published by our trainee journalists across the three streams. The Softcopy, the Observer, and CityCast are stream-specific platforms that generate content for News Net. The website is entirely student-run and demonstrates the quality of journalism at IIJNM.

The Softcopy

The Softcopy is the IIJNM news website run by the students of the Multimedia Department. Multimedia journalism requires students to tell news stories using multiple media elements. The key is to attain a harmony between the elements and to ensure that each element supports the story being told. Our trainee journalists have hands-on experience not only in writing news stories with multimedia elements; they are also skilled webpage designers who are constantly looking to incorporate innovations on their pages.


Bangalore’s CityCast is a website where students of the Broadcast Department stream their stories and news bulletins. These bulletins are webcast live twice a week. For the website, the students write, shoot, record, and edit their own stories and upload them on YouTube. CityCast gives the students the unique opportunity to experience all aspects of new production and broadcasting. CityCast captures the city and its voices in well-structured visual stories that give viewers a glimpse of life in Bangalore.

The Observer

The students of the Print Department at IIJNM bring out a newspaper twice a week. They put into practice the reporting and writing skills that they acquire during the course of their study in order to write news articles and design pages that create news papers worth reading.

The Beat

The Beat is a monthly magazine brought out by the IIJNM students. The objective of publishing it is to give practical training to the students in various aspects of magazine journalism. The magazine is edited and designed by students who have chosen magazine writing as their specialization. All students contribute articles to the magazine to make it lively and interesting.