10 May 2024

A commitment to the truth, with no malice is true journalism

Caravan’s Editor and President of The Editors’ Guild exhorts students to be objective and be committed to being anti-establishment in every sense.

May 10, Friday: True journalism has to be rooted in a spirit of questioning with a commitment to truth said Anant Nath, editor of The Caravan and executive publisher of the Delhi Press, and the President of the Editors Guild of India.

Mr. Nath talked of the importance of being objective and to work without malice in order to garner the respect of the readers and the organization the journalists join while addressing the graduating class at the annual convocation of the Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media in Bengaluru.

He highlighted the overarching strains of influence of the media landscape in India – nationalism, law, ethics, the business model of media and the role of AI in journalism.

He encouraged the graduating class to become masters in subject areas of their choosing. Speaking on AI and sustainable business models in journalism he said “a word of advice, be open to upgrading your skills. and be part of management discussions to build sustainable (business) models.”

In his address, Dr Abraham George, President, IIJNM, told the graduating batch that they had an important role to play in bringing justice for all. Stating that the ideals of social justice and fairness that the country embraced at the time of independence were deeply Indian and right, he exhorted the young journalists to uphold them and bring about positive change.

The following students were given awards during the convocation:

By Sneha S K

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