IIJNM is situated on 5 acres of beautifully kept grounds surrounded by rolling hills.

The 30,000-sq.-ft. facility features large classrooms, auditoriums, a sophisticated media lab, library, and conference rooms. Each student is assigned a private study area with a personal computer (recent model with large memory and storage space) connected to a network running powerful servers, e-mail, and high-speed 24 hour access to the Internet. Full-time and part-time faculty members are assigned private offices equipped with computers connected to the network.

The Multi-media Center provides a laboratory setting and educational environment that encourages innovations that can be applied to news organizations. It has all the required hardware and current software tools for TV, documentary, print and multimedia publishing. Recording and editing workstations utilize state-of-the-art hardware and software tools for mixing sound and editing for TV, documentary and multimedia. The television studio and its anchor station are equipped with high resolution video cameras.

Separate dormitories for male and female students and adjoining dining hall close to the college make living and study convenient and comfortable.

IIJNM infrastructure and resources are of world standard, and meet the needs for offering an excellent academic program.