Media Workshops

All students are required to choose one workshop from the four listed below depending on the concentration.

Television Workshop
This workshop is designed for the production of news, magazines, and documentary for television. Students put into practice all the television skills learned in other related courses to create programs of different durations appropriate for broadcast.

Newspaper Workshop
Students produce an in-house newspaper several times during the semester. The entire class works as a team of reporters and editors, and do the layout under the supervision of an instructor. Depending on each student’s area of specialization, he or she would pick topics such as crime, politics, religion, arts, education and others. The newspaper not only polishes the skills and prepares students for jobs but also helps them stretch and think in long-range terms.

Magazine Workshop
The class is required to create a prototype of a magazine, selecting different areas of interest each time for a total of four issues. Students perform interviewing, writing, photo editing, copy-editing, fact checking, design and layout, all in preparation for a profession in magazine journalism. They also learn to write in a magazine voice, doing so in a range of story lengths and topics.

Multimedia Workshop
Designed for students who want a career in multimedia journalism, this course requires students to publish and maintain a website with multimedia content twice weekly during the semester. The workshop teaches the art and science of interactive storytelling using multimedia. Students learn to apply what they have learned in other courses–to report and create stories using multimedia tools and techniques. This is a required course for Multimedia students.