Bhanutej N

  • Visiting Professor

    Bhanutej has worked with newspapers magazines and online news platforms since 1994. He teaches long-form and magazine writing at IIJNM.

    Bhanu started his career in journalism as a trainee reporter in early 1994. From then till the end of 2019, he has worked for newspapers, magazines and online news platforms such as The Times of India, The Indian Express, The Week, Al Jazeera Online and Economic Times. He has dabbled in varied fields including scripting documentaries and farming.

    His longest journalistic stint — over 13 years — was with The Week, where he wrote on issues ranging from politics, environment and development to automobiles and sports. As part of the investigative team of the magazine, he produced stories on illegal mining in Bellary, unnatural deaths of scientists in nuclear establishments, the hoax of narco-analysis etc. Between 2014 and 2019, he was Bengaluru editor of Economic Times, where he set up and headed city coverage. Currently, he is consulting editor with Citizen Matters