10 May 2021

Be different, relevant, and highlight the important: Naveen Kulkarni

It’s important to understand your audience, said the digital marketing expert.

Bangalore: Key words are the key to promotional campaigns, said Naveen Kulkarni, a digital marketing expert. However, he warned against repetition. “It may come out as spamming. It is important to maintain  value and trust while advertising,” he said.

Kulkarni explained how digital marketing is used to promote stories and check the pulse of the audience-response.“It takes time to optimize your campaign and understand your audience, especially when you start from scratch. Once you find a winning campaign and know your target audience, you can expand it to promote your stories,” he said.

Explaining PPC (Pay per Click), he said that it’s one of the key channels in digital marketing which reflects the frequency of visitors to a site.

Describing the importance of Google ads in PPC campaigns, Kulkarni mentioned, “Besides a reputation, Google is a search engine used by atleast 90 percent users.” It’s dominance as a search engine helps to deliver content to a larger mass,ensuring better return on investment (ROI).PPC’s integration with a range of handy Google tools like Google analytics, Google data studio, Google search console etc. makes it more useful.

At a workshop at IIJNM, he taught students how to utilize campaigns as journalists, for promoting their stories, from naming them to adding headlines and descriptions with key-words for a particular story or topic.

From creating an advertisement account to building a campaign, Kulkarni walked the journalism students through all features Google ads offers, to help them reach a wider audience.

Naveen Kulkarni has spent several years working in a software company. He is currently helping entrepreneurs to amplify their business through digital marketing.

By Nidhi Sharma

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