24 Apr 2021

Social media has changed the face of journalism: Pallavi Sharma

“In a world where content goes viral within minutes, it is essential to verify the information before posting it online,” Pallavi Sharma said.

An alumnus of the 2019-20 batch, journalist Pallavi Sharma held a workshop for IIJNM students on behalf of her organisation, The Logical Indian. She talked about the evolving social media landscape and its impact on digital journalism.

Sharma explained that social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram often amplify fabricated stories and become a tool for spreading misinformation. She emphasised the importance of fact-checking and posting verified information.

“Essential as they may be, we must not overdo hashtags,” she said. Students learned that remaining fair and unbiased should not be limited to reported stories alone but must also be kept in mind while using hashtags on social media platforms. Sharma explained that journalists should use social media to find news stories by keeping an eye on trending hashtags.

Citing the example of Instagram Reels contributing to The Logical Indian’s popularity, she said that journalists should stay updated on the latest features of social media platforms and use them to drive traffic to their websites.

She highlighted the significance of 5Ws and 1H and said that one must not compromise with journalistic values to make a post viral. “Your job is to disseminate information. The traction that your post gets depends on how creatively you can write that 5W and H,” she concluded.

By Himanshi Akhand

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