27 Oct 2017

NDTV invites IIJNM trainee journalists to their talk shows

IIJNM trainee journalists are regularly invited to participate in the NDTV talk show “The Agenda”. The show, hosted by journalist Maya Sharma, brings together experts and youngsters from the city to discuss issues in Bangalore.

The trainee journalists at IIJNM cover stories from the city as part of their regular beats, and they publish stories about the city on a weekly basis. The understanding and exposure they gain from their beats adds depth to their observations and perspectives about what is happening in the city.

The success of this collaboration lies in the fact that our young journalists are up-to-date with the news, and are able to add perspective to the discussions.

As trainee journalists, our students attend the discussions as keen observers to gain a better understanding of how the industry functions. The students learn a lot by observing seasoned journalists like Maya Sharma navigate the media landscape. They also observe technical aspects such as shooting and producing talk shows at various locations; and try to decode the process that leads to the final product they view on TV.

Some of the discussions that our students were a part of are:  Tipu Sultan: Tyrant Or Hero? Bengaluru: Not Ready For The Rain?, Gauri Lankesh Murder: Deepening The Divide, Income Tax Raids On Karnataka Minister: Politics Of Vendetta?, and Indira Canteens: Popular Or Populist In An Election Year?

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