16 Sep 2017

Stories for Change: A lecture by IIJNM Alumna Shreya Pareek

IIJNM alumna Shreya Pareek shared the story of her journey in the media industry with the trainee journalists at IIJNM.

After three years of experience as a development journalist at the Alternative and the Better India, Shreya set out to start her own website Stories for Change to cover the stories that did not find space in mainstream media.

She said that, “I don’t believe in covering stories that have already been covered by several other media houses and this helps in maintaining viewers.” She also said that getting viewers was not her concern; her focus was on covering fresh news.

The session covered tips to develop a readership, multiply the readership by covering fresh content or covering the news from different perspectives, and the basics of setting up ones own news platform on the internet.

During the lecture, she recalled her time as a trainee journalist at IIJNM, She said that her time at IIJNM was dedicated to sharpening her skills as a development journalist and this has helped her throughout her journey in the industry.

She requested her juniors to master every journalistic skill in their year at IIJNM as that would be their key to a successful career in the industry.

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