27 Sep 2019

Traditional Media’s New Role: Combating Fake News on Social Media

The panellists at the discussion on ‘Traditional Media in the Age of Twitter’ agreed that the traditional media has now assumed a new role: that of combating fake news, thus enshrining its role as the watchdog of democracy. Krishnakumar Padmanabhan, Deputy Editor at Midday, Mumbai, focused on the benefits of social media proliferation and stated that, while traditional media should consider social media as a value-addition, it will always rule the roost when in-depth reporting is considered.

IIJNM organised the panel discussion in partnership with St.Xaviers College, Mumbai on 27 September, 2019. The panel had eminent journalists exchanging their views on the future of traditional journalism and the impact of fast-paced social media platforms like Twitter.

The panel of four included two IIJNM alumni – Pallavi Ail (India Correspondent, Debtwire) and Krishnakumar Padmanabhan (Deputy Editor, Midday, Mumbai) along with Dakshina Murthy (Independent Journalist and visiting faculty at IIJNM) and the resident editor of the Mumbai Mirror, Pankaj Upadhyaya. It was moderated by Chaitanya Marpakwar, Principal Correspondent, Mumbai Mirror.

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