06 Apr 2021

Social Media has Democratised News

Social media is a force of good in the field of journalism. It brings accountability and hyperlocal stories to the fore agreed all four panelists at a national webinar on Social Media and Journalism.

Paul Oommen, Special Correspondent, The News Minute spoke of the heightened accountability of journalists in this age and said “citizens now tag us on stories that we may have missed, they make sure we are held to high standards and expect us to deliver our best.”

IIJNM organised a National Webinar and Panel Discussion in partnership with St. Ann’s College for Women, Hyderabad on April 6, 2021. The panel had eminent journalists exchanging their views on the influence of social media on journalism.

Dakshina Murthy, Associate Editor, The Federal and visiting faculty at IIJNM insisted that despite massive leaps in technology and advancement of social media, journalism, at its core, remains unchanged. Panellists Mithun M K and Rishika Sadam spoke of the dire need for journalists to possess a very good understanding of social media and drove home the importance of convergence.

The panel of four included three IIJNM alumni – Paul Oommen (Special Correspondent, TheNewsMinute), Rishika Sadam (Special Correspondent, ThePrint), Mithun M K (Senior Reporter, TheNewsMinute) along with Dakshina Murthy (Associate Editor, The Federal and visiting faculty at IIJNM). It was moderated by Srinivas Lankala, Professor, The English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad.

By Sangeetha Alwar

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